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Aeration adds valuable oxygen to a pond, lake, shoreline, lagoon or wastewater,

particularly on the pond's bottom where muck and organic debris accumulates.

A properly sized aerator works from the bottom up to ensure all areas of the water area are circulated  and saturated with dissolved oxygen leaving you with cleaner, clearer and balanced water.


Electric Aeration Systems - Offered in four types of series, these pond aeration systems can aerate a pond up to 6+ acres and 50' deep.

  • Shallow Water Series™ - Are designed for ponds up to 6' deep and have 2 or 4 diffuser plates. These energy efficient systems feature a dual-diaphragm compressor.
  • Shallow Water HP Series™ - Are designed for ponds up to 10' deep and have 2 or 4 diffuser plates. These systems use rocking piston compressors.
  • Pond Series™ - Available with 1-4 diffuser plates, these systems use rocking piston compressors that can be used in ponds up to 21' deep. A Deep Water Kit can be added to aerate ponds 22'-50' deep.
  • Lake Series™ - The biggest systems, able to aerate up to 50' deep. These units contain two rocking piston compressors housed within one cabinet and 4 or 6 diffuser plates.

Why Aerate

Aeration is all about gasses. Aeration mixes the pond so that toxic gasses are efficiently released and life-giving oxygen readily replaces it. An aerated pond will be clearer, cleaner, and have less bottom muck than a pond without aeration.

The science behind it:

A pond without aeration will become stratified into two very separate layers in the summer heat. This is because of the physical properties of water. As the sun warms the surface water, it becomes less dense and thereby lighter than the cool water below it. The line at which these two layers separate (similar to oil floating on water) is called the thermocline.

No Oxygen = No Life
The vast majority of water-cleaning organisms (aerobic bacteria & phytoplankton) in a pond use oxygen to drive their metabolic processes. Oxygen enters the water column almost exclusively through the surface of a non-aerated pond. Because the surface water does not mix with the water below, oxygen in the bottom layer quickly becomes depleted under stratified conditions, allowing toxic gasses to build up. Because no oxygen is available below, the pond's overall ecosystem will begin to suffer.

Nutrient Build-Up
Without water cleaning organisms on the bottom, any sediment, debris, and nutrients that enter the system fall to the bottom and accumulate. This layer on the bottom is what many refer to as "muck". Having an unwanted pile of muck as well as a toxic lower-layer in your pond will quickly cause major headaches including algae blooms, rampant weed growth, and fish kills.

Aquatic Aeration Solutions to the Rescue!
Our Airmax Aeration Systems utilize a shore-mounted air pump that delivers air to specialized diffuser plates that are located on the pond bottom. The resulting column of rising bubbles circulates water throughout the pond, eliminating the thermocline. With a fresh supply of oxygen, natural bacteria and phytoplankton go to work in the water column as well as on the bottom. Any excess nutrients in the system are metabolized, resulting in cleaner, clearer water and less muck. Results you can see in just 90 days!

Need Help?
Let Aquatic Aeration Solutions design the right system for you! We take the guesswork out of aeration design and pond management.